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Building Benchmarking Shows Where You’ve Been, Where You Can Be

By THOM BRAZEL, LEED AP | 08/09/2012

What is a benchmark?  According to, a benchmark is “a standard of excellence, achievement, etc., against which similar...

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Why RETRO Is the Wave of the Future

By RICHARD A. "DICK" STARR | 08/09/2012

What is retro-commissioning? The National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) defines retro-commissioning as the systematic process by which the...

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What Is Combustion Analysis and Why Is It Worthwhile?


Your HVACR service provider has recommended conducting a combustion analysis of your building.  Why should you consider it? 

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Data Center Management Challenges and Choosing the Best Preventative and Emergency Service Provider

By GARY WOODCOCK | 07/12/2012

Selecting the right data center maintenance service provider has become an increasingly important one based on a number of industry trends. ...

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Why Develop a Building Operations Plan?

By WOODY WOODALL | 06/29/2012

If you don’t currently have a building operations plan (BOP) in place for your building, you need to seriously consider the value of putting one...

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